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About Me

I completed my 200 hour yoga teaching training at Lumi Power Yoga in London, a Baptiste Affiliate Studio, in November 2015 and my Level One: Journey into Power training in October 2016. More recently, in 2019, I completed my 90 hour Advanced Yin Yoga Training with the fabulous Cal from Yoga in the Big Smoke and 100 hours of Mandala Vinyasa / Lucid Flow training with my beloved teacher Daniela Mandala at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. 

I was first drawn to yoga for the relaxation and restorative benefits, to escape my busy city lifestyle. Through yoga I have found a different path in life, one that is more authentic, which enables me to connect with others more freely, work hard and enjoy life whilst maintaining a healthy body and mind.  As well as teaching mandala inspired vinyasa in a studio setting, I also teach adults with learning disabilities through the Lumi Foundation. 



N4 Workout, Thursday 11 am - Noon

MoreYoga Victoria Studio, Friday 8-9 am


Bishop Creighton House, Hammersmith. Lumi Foundation Charity class for adults with learning disabilities.

All these classes are currently cancelled due to COVID-19. Please contact me below or on instagram if you want to connect, for any private classes, online classes or advice on the best platforms to practice at home, I'm here for you! or just to say hi! STAY SAFE, LOOK AFTER YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES 


Natural Skin Product For Sale

I make my own moisturiser. Its made from three simple ingredients - organic shea butter, organic raw virgin coconut oil and organic beeswax. I also add frankincense and French lavender oil.

Use as face cream, body cream, foot cream, hand cream, eye cream, night cream - as you wish! Drop me a message below if you would like to purchase some and I can arrange delivery and payment.


Contact Me

Contact me to find out more about where I teach and the yoga classes I can offer or to purchase my Natural Skin Balm.

London, UK

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